“Therapy with Afra is at once a profound and ordinary experience. She shows up as a full human being with an enormous capacity for connection, inspiring me to discover my own motivation for dropping my defenses and leaning into intimacy. Never prescribing “shoulds,” Afra finds a way to hold a steady and carefully calibrated compass of sanity that guides me in my life outside of our sessions. Things she has said to me will present themselves spontaneously when I am ready to hear and metabolize them, sometimes weeks later, as supportive holding in a hard moment or a jolt awake in an ignorant moment. My work with Afra over the past year has led to greater fearlessness, tenderness, and genuine curiosity about my experience as a woman and my effect on others. She has created space for my deepest shames to come out of isolation, often dissolving this shame with her kindhearted acceptance and quick-witted humor. I feel blessed to have met this powerful woman whose commitment to presence and wisdom about the human condition continues to surprise, delight, and challenge me each week, calling my heart out to play.”  C. L., Boulder, Co

“I had preconceived notions about what going to a therapist would look like; always questioning the patient, rarely if ever giving direct feedback and always a sense of separation between therapist and patient.  Afra blew all of that away. She is a real, compassionate, in-the-moment person who is passionate about providing honest and sincere help. Her warm, direct and gentle nature made me feel safe sharing my deepest fears and hurts. She has the ability to see what is driving my actions when I am unable or unwilling to see them myself and then provide a clear path to healthy and satisfying solutions. She is both willing to let me work my way through difficulties (actively listening long after any other person I know would have walked away) and provide direct and detailed feedback on what she sees and hears. With her help I am learning to love and accept who I am while also pursuing honest and fulfilling relationships with others.” J.A., Boulder, CO

“Working with Afra has been an adventure in exquisite unfolding. Having come to her initially with an acute issue, I now realize she is a true guide for me in this life. The quality of presence shining from her eyes is potent, and her clear sight cuts lovingly and curiously through images I hold of myself that squeeze me in like old skin. In a way, being with Afra is initiating parts of me into womanhood; in her presence I get to burn into sweet openness and fierce compassion. Her wakefulness invites me to relax into all of what I am, include what’s been rejected, and brighten my heart’s gifts out of hiding. So much laughter, so many tears… I recommend her guidance whole-heartedly to anyone genuinely interested in loving this precious life more fully.” B. G., Boulder, CO

“I have worked with many therapists. Afra is special. She has a rare capacity to meet me wherever I need to be met, to work with me in my body, with my feelings or conceptually. She is deeply intuitive and empathetic with a wonderful sense of humor. Working with Afra is very efficient and very clean. She wastes no time or energy on irrelevancies; at the same time she is completely respectful of where I am and does not push me beyond what I can usefully integrate. I trust her judgment completely and would recommend her without hesitation.” M.P., Boulder, CO

“Afra a nurturing light in this fascinating journey. The uphill climb has been a path covered with roots, and she was a warm hearted guide that helped to pull those and clear the way. Her ability to follow me throughout my most intricate illusory stories created an environment of sincere connection, and one by one the pillars came down. Waking up to all elements of my life has certainly been an emotionally demanding adventure, but there is not one aspect of regret. The burden of holding all of that was blinding me of happiness. As a result, she has given me my voice back, the confidence to speak my genuine mind knowing that we all share this condition. Without the story, there is no anxiety. Words inherently fall short in describing this wonderfully present person. She has led me back to the space beneath my feet, and the steadiness to walk through whatever shall come. No matter the worries you currently face, her wisdom and sincerity is a welcoming home.” D.M., Boulder, CO

“I have been working with Afra for the past five months. It has not only been a deep healing process but has also become an amazing personal transformation opportunity for me. Although I had been years in therapy before, I feel that I finally connected with my essence during the short period I worked with Afra. A lot of things make sense to me now. Indeed the work with her is a soul making journey for me a journey of coming to wholeness. I also experienced dramatic improvements in my chronic physical conditions with which I have been suffering over decades. Afra has been a very wise and skilled guide whose integrity I can absolutely count on. She is very intuitive, holds a very very safe space, and so competently navigates me through somatic based therapy. She is also available, she is reachable and responsive. I feel so fortunate to finally work with such a gifted individual. I highly recommend her.” Y.H., Boulder, CO

“Afra has quite simply helped me more deeply and rapidly than I could have imagined. Between her spot-on intuition and rich experience, she saw right through me and all my stories. In fact, I was a little scared to begin working with someone as fierce and wise as her. Don’t put it off as long as I did. I was constantly delighted by her blend of deep wisdom, sharp insight, and lighthearted joy. She helped me discover a level of gentleness and self-love that I couldn’t imagine before. Afra’s uniquely capable of recognizing the subtlest of cues — then swiftly and lovingly unravelling and healing all the disconnection, suffering, and confusion they indicate. When we began working together, I was in the thick of a grueling dark night. Thanks to her, I’ve reconnected to the deepest, wisest, most loving parts of myself. I feel equipped to continue my journey, and am excited to see where it leads. If you’re ready for liberating insight, work with Afra. And if you’re a spiritual practitioner grappling with personal growth, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.” A. R., Boulder, CO

“Afra has helped me in ways that most spiritual teachers, therapists and mentors could not: she has an amazing capacity to hold all dimensions of my life – emotional, relationships, spiritual, career and more – seamlessly, in all of its mystery and messiness. I never have to compartmentalize my experience when I’m with her, and she can follow my experience wherever it goes, in whatever form and expression it takes. With her help I have been able to both free some habitual patterns that have held me back and to open to deeper levels of reality. And even more powerful, she’s helped me to integrate all of this into my presence and energy in the world, where I feel much more whole and less fragmented. Last, but not least, she helped me see so much in how I show up as a man in romantic relationships and to help me understand how my energy and presence impacts a woman, allowing me to tune in, look at my shadows around relationships and to bring my strengths to my partner more easily and fully. I am incredibly grateful for everything Afra has helped me with. She is a rare practitioner and I cannot recommend her enough.” R. O., Boulder, CO

“I began working with Afra, with a goal to learn how to “be with” what  was arising internally or externally.  She exemplified that goal during the first session and each session after.  She is awake, present, compassionate, direct, intuitive and humorous.  In the sessions Afra would sense in with me on the level of mind, body and spirit.  She would  immediately reflect back to me if say contraction, disharmony or conflict was arising within me then she would guide my attention back into the moment, body and Truth.  As a result of working with Afra my ability to “be with” has emerged as an internal cohesive presence.  I am very  grateful for her support!” D. B., Denver, CO.

“I have had the good fortune to have met Afra a few months ago.  I find her awake, compassionate presence incredibly nurturing, which allows all of me to deeply relax and allow what needs to be seen to surface.  At the same time, she is so clear, and sharp which cuts through the unnecessary indulgence on my part, and which leaves me with a sense that she will call me on my “STUFF”. Another powerful gift that continues to evolve out of my sessions with Afra is a recognition of how awakening is experienced and expressed in ordinary life. I feel the essence of our time together seeps more and more into the rest of my hours and days.  Working with Afra is an incredible gift of love.” V. P., Boulder, CO