Individual Psychotherapy

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart… Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. ~ Carl Jung

My passion is the exploration of a contemplative life embedded in the magical and very honest rhythm of nature. I enjoy supporting individuals on their journey of spiritual growth and psychological inquiry. The deep exploration of Self, held by the wisdom of our body, and embedded in contemplative practice allows us to open more deeply to who we are at our very core.

Healing involves the exploration of Self; born in stillness, nourished by authentic relationship with others, and rooted in our connection to the earth. Clients have described a feeling of being more capable, open-hearted, and present with what is, while being empowered and able to make conscious choices in life.

Support for the conscious exploration of Self
I offer a therapeutic environment of respectful challenge, acceptance, curiosity, and joy. Incorporating powerful skills from a variety of body-mind therapies, knowledge from the neurosciences, and wisdom born in prayer, meditation, contemplation, and the present moment I support my clients innate gifts of growth and healing through the embracement of body, mind, and spirit. Individual sessions take place in different settings: my inviting office space, during a walk up in the mountains, while learning about and creating your own herbal medicine, or any other outside setting that we can agree on.

It is only by acknowledging the dark and difficult parts of this personal exploration and leaning into them with a courageously open heart that we can enjoy a fully integrated, holistic experience of Self. This work is not a path toward bliss, or a formula for how to live worry-free, but rather an honest invitation to embrace all we are, including pain and joy, struggle and acceptance, fear and longing, anger and love.

I feel especially passionate about…

  • guiding individuals (and their families) diagnosed with Epilepsy and Non-epileptic Seizures.
  • helping individuals diagnosed with Unique Experiences that can include all five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Such experiences can be, but are not limited to hearing voices, seeing or feeling things that seem unusual, having visions, spiritual or mystical encounters, or paranormal experiences.
  • supporting woman of all ages on their journey of femininity and strength.

I guide clients to…

  • Learn to nurture yourself with deeper understanding and loving-kindness.
  • Deepen appreciation for your uniqueness by accepting your gifts, wounds, and precisely where you are in your journey.
  • Cultivate the mindfulness to live with more empowerment, vibrancy, and joy.
  • Relate to your emotions without detachment or overwhelm, instead discover the wisdom within.
  • Hold the paradox and seeming contradictions of life with increasing depth, curiosity, and awareness.
  • Reconnect with the earth, the soil, your very Nature Being.

Women’s Work
In my personal journey, I have been particularly interested in exploring the issues of women’s spiritual maturity and personal growth. I have found enormous strength within feminine qualities like vulnerability, kindness, and compassion. When we balance this softness and receptivity with clarified ferocity and strength, we can find a way of being that fully our own.

I enjoy supporting women in their unique explorations of Self, and helping them discover their own, unique expression. Through mindful inquiry and loving challenge, I help women become more truly comfortable within themselves, ground into that autonomy, and invite genuine actions to bloom from these strong roots.


If you are ready to explore the depths of your own being with honesty, courage, and love, I would be honored to be your guide.

Contact me to discuss the possibilities of working together.